Owner handmade
A full -fledged taste
I want you to taste it.


Canadian bar of Osaka Shinsaibashi Ame Village.
We offer handmade vegan food at the online store as well as in -store food and drink.
You can enjoy it with various Canadian dishes such as pizza and hamburgers.

  • Commitment to handmade

    Everything is handmade with the utmost care.
    We offer healthful dishes that go well with delicious drinks.

    Commitment to handmade
  • Owner message

    I started the restaurant because I wanted people to feel the atmosphere of Canadian meals.
    The menu offers a unique selection of Canadian specialties such as poutine, Canadian beer and cocktails.


Commitment to Handmade

If you're going to eat out at the same restaurant, you can eat with peace of mind.
You want to take your time and enjoy a delicious meal with a special attention to detail.

We are very particular about the ingredients we use, and we are very particular about the ingredients we use.

We provide meals that are safe to eat.

We are committed to making all of our dishes from scratch by hand.
This dish has such a handmade warmth to it.
We have received many positive comments from our customers.

Please enjoy the recipes created by the owner himself!

Owner message

We want people to eat easily, taste good, and be healthy."
We want not only the people who eat it to be healthy, but the planet as well.

We put the health of our planet and our customers first
We would like to offer our services.

We hope you will visit our store when you come to Ame-mura.

If you are nearby,
you will receive an order over the phone
You can also hand over at the store!
Anyone is welcome to come!


Products may differ depending on the purchase status. note that.

* For details, please contact us by phone.

  • Foods

    Slices serves pizza and Canadian home cooking. This is the perfect place to enjoy authentic international flavors. All pizzas and calzones are freshly baked. We do not freeze any of our food. Pizzas can be ordered by the slice or by the whole.

  • Sweets

    Enjoy milkshakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, pies, and other tempting desserts. Our desserts change often, so check back often. Vegan desserts are always on the menu.

  • Drinks

    Draft Kirin and craft beers are always available. We also have a selection of domestic and imported bottled beers. Unique Canadian cocktails such as Caesars and lemonades are also popular. For those who don't like alcohol, we also offer mocktails and soft drinks.

  • Happy Hour

    We offer a cozy happy hour where you can enjoy homemade pizza and drinks. Our menu includes vegetarian and vegan options such as vegetable toppings and nut cheese to accommodate all dietary needs. Make your own pizza with your choice of toppings and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with great company.




* According to the latest guidelines of COVID-19 Note that business hours may change suddenly.